Electric vehicle batteries: the future of mobility

Electric vehicle batteries: the future of mobility

Electric vehicle batteries are key components in supporting sustainable mobility. Thanks to advancements in technology, energy density and lifespan have both seen dramatic increases, leading to longer cruising ranges and service lives for electric vehicles. Recycling/reuse technology provides another opportunity for environmentally friendly travel while helping reduce dependence on fossil fuels while simultaneously decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, contributing towards combatting climate change.

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Teamwork is very important in the production process. Employees need to have good communication and cooperation skills, and be able to work closely with team members to complete production tasks. Our employees have a positive working attitude and team awareness, can support and collaborate with each other, and can play an important role in the team.

Technical Capabilities

We mainly produce motorcycle batteries and car batteries, so the technical capabilities of our employees are crucial. Our employees have good battery production technology and technical knowledge, and can skillfully operate production equipment and tools. They have a rigorous working attitude and are able to produce in accordance with the standard operating procedures to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements.

Quality Consciousness

Since the products we manufacture are directly used in motorcycles and cars, product quality is of the utmost importance. Our employees have a high degree of quality awareness and can strictly abide by quality standards and requirements to ensure that there are no quality problems in the production process. And they can proactively discover and solve quality problems in production in time to ensure that every product meets the needs of customers.

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Hunan Changcheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shaoyang Changcheng Battery Factory, was founded in 1996. In 2014, a joint venture was established with Guangdong Zhongshang Guotong Electronics Co., Ltd. to establish Hunan Great Wall New Energy Technology Holding Co., Ltd. The new address of the company is located in the New Energy Industry Concentration Zone of Shaoyang County (Changyangpu Town), covering an area of 260000 square meters, mainly produces motorcycle batteries, automotive batteries, UPS, and Power King Battery Company. It is a perennial partner of China National Heavy Duty Truck and Dongfeng Automobile, and its brands of batteries, such as Furong, Baocheng, Jinrui, Zhongxi, and CCNE, have a place in the domestic market and are exported to many countries and regions in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Types Are Versatile Solutions

There are various types of electric vehicle batteries, each offering unique advantages and drawbacks. Common examples are lithium-ion, nickel metal hydride and lead acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are widely utilized in electric vehicles due to their high energy density, long lifecycle, and excellent charge and discharge performance. Unfortunately, however, their expense necessitates complex management systems in order to prevent overcharging and overdischarge. Nickel metal hydride batteries offer longer cycle life and higher energy density; however, their self-discharge rate is greater. Lead acid batteries offer low cost but limited energy density due to ageing technology. Therefore, when choosing an EV battery it is essential that consideration be given to individual application requirements and unique considerations.

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The energy density of electric vehicle batteries varies by model and manufacturer, but is generally between 150-250 Wh/kg.

The life of an electric vehicle battery typically ranges from 8-15 years, depending on usage and maintenance.

EV battery recycling typically involves steps such as dismantling, crushing, separation and refining to recover valuable materials.

Key challenges facing electric vehicle batteries include increasing energy density, reducing costs, increasing charging speeds, and solving battery recycling and reuse issues.

Electric vehicle batteries are key to promoting sustainable mobility as they can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

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