Our motorcycle batteries adopt advanced lead-acid technology, featuring high capacity, low self-discharge, long life, anti-vibration, explosion-proof, etc., suitable for various motorcycle models and road conditions.
Our car batteries have a one-year warranty, if any quality problems occur under normal use conditions, we will replace or repair them for free.
Our UPS is on-line, that is to say, it can continuously provide stable AC power to the load, no matter whether the mains power is normal or not. With features such as high efficiency, low noise, and intelligent management, our UPS can protect your important equipment from power failures.
Our power king battery is specially designed for high power demand, it can provide strong power for electric vehicles, power tools, solar systems, etc. Our power king battery has the advantages of high discharge rate, low internal resistance, fast charging speed, environmental protection and no pollution.
Our products have all passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and comply with international and domestic relevant standards, such as GB/T18332.1-2009, IEC60896-21/22-2004, etc. We also have CE, UL, ROHS and other certifications, which can meet the needs of different markets and customers.